Our current projects

Feasibility study for a foreign multi-national healthcare conglomerate on the siting and setting up of a facility for the production of a novel healthcare product

Hanwell Health conducted research on the existing players in Malaysia, the potential market size and usage patterns of similar products.  This was followed up by detailed analysis of the medical and regulatory environment for incorporation into the client’s business plan.  Introductory meetings were arranged with major players and KOLs in the relevant areas of specialisation.

Feasibility report for a Malaysian party interested in presenting
an overview of the Malaysian healthcare scene to a foreign
investor/entrepreneur group

The Malaysian client required an in-depth understanding of the healthcare scenario for presentation to a potential investor who is considering a major project in Malaysia.  We provided analysis of healthcare provision, organisation and financing.  Areas of deficiency and potential for development were identified.  Further research is on-going in support of this project.


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