Healthcare Expertise for Malaysia

Investing in health care and development of hospitals in Malaysia requires an understanding of the local business environment.

Picking the right consulting firm in Asia can be challenging. You want a firm that has experience, industry knowledge, and, of course, innovative ideas.

Our firm has the background and knowledge specific to the health care environment in Malaysia to help you or your company succeed. We can provide information and guidance for research into the health care setting in Malaysia. Knowledge of the local terrain is, after all, the key to a successful enterprise. We are familiar with the social and political aspects of the medical fraternity, having worked with doctor colleagues in both the clinical setting and professional associations. Our consultants have been office bearers or members of various working committees of medical professional bodies which include the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, the Malaysian Medical Association, the College of Surgeons of Malaysia and the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences.

This site will provide in-depth information about our background and describe the different services we offer. We’ll also include information about our consultants.

Please get in touch for more information or if you have specific questions about our health consulting services. We look forward to working with you to achieve solutions for the provision of private health care in Malaysia.


Healthcare Innovation 2014: 11-12 March 2014, Singapore

Dr Lee Moon Keen was a speaker on the Elderly Care Panel at Healthcare Innovation 2014. The conference theme was “Patient Engagement through Innovation, Connectivity and Communication”.  There were many lively discussions on the latest and possibly disruptive developments in healthcare systems, cloud computing and health and medical apps and devices.

Healthcare Innovation 2015: 3 November 2015, Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Dr Robert Jalleh chaired the Panel Discussion “Trend Spotting the Future of Healthcare in Malaysia”.  The distinguished Panel engaged in a lively discussion on:

  • Local trends, experience and outlook
  • Innovation models that will work in Malaysia
  • Role of payers in improving healthcare
  • Promoting the country as Medical travel hub
  • Opportunities for investment and collaboration.


Dr Robert Jalleh was the moderator for Healthcare Innovation 2015. This conference on the theme of “Trendspotting in Healthcare” was held at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 3 November 2015.  There were many lively discussions on the latest and possibly disruptive developments in healthcare systems, cloud computing and health and medical apps and devices.

Healthcare IT Innovation 2013: 1 October 2013, Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dr Robert Jalleh was a speaker at the recent HIT Conference: Technology innovation and leadership to support personalized, intermediate and long-term carePersonalised medicine is what people desire today; technology is the obvious tool to enable this revolution.  “One size fits all” is no longer adequate when we are on the threshold of genomic medicine.

To set the tone for the conference, he spoke on Deconstructing Healthcare Delivery: The Malaysia Experience

  • New methods of healthcare delivery relevant to the Malaysia system
  • Future trends and the role of technology.

He later moderated the panel session:  Reaping the Benefits of an Integrated Patient Management System

  • Patient retention in the increasingly competitive scene of medical tourism
  • Regional updates on patient management system implementation
  • Align people, facility and technology to provide a seamless care: best practices
  • Empowering patient through EMR

Medical and Health Insurance Conference 2012, Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur 18-19 June 2012

Dr Robert Jalleh was a speaker at the Medical and Health Insurance Conference 2012.  He shared his experience of health insurance from the doctors’ viewpoint in a lecture “Medical and Health Insurance: Today’s Challenges and Suggestions for the Future – a Doctor’s Perspective”.

He was a panelist at the Forum “Defining the Future of Medical and Health Insurance”.  There was a lively discussion on the problems faced in health insurance.  Concerns were raised by the audience which represented different areas of the health and insurance eco-system.  The session concluded with a commitment by the various parties to work together.

2nd Annual Healthcare & Insurance Collaboration Forum, Singapore November 2011

Dr Robert Jalleh spoke on “Collaboration in the Emergence and Growth of Ambulatory Care Centres (ACC’s) in South East Asia” concerning ACC’s and healthcare insurance at the 2nd Annual Healthcare & Insurance Collaboration Forum 2011, Singapore 14-17 November 2011.

He chaired a forum on mutually supportive collaborations:

Insurance and Provider: Working Together In the Backdrop of Common Goals and Differing Perceptions – Developing a joint business platform for effective collaboration

Ashvanni Srivastava, Director, HealthHiway, India
Dr Helen Edelberg
, Director, American Federation for Aging Research, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Eurand Pharmaceuticals, USA
Lee Fook Kay Aaron
, Hononary Secretary, Hong Kong Medical Association

2nd Annual Hospital Efficiency Asia 2011 Summit , Kuala Lumpur

Dr Robert Jalleh was a panellist at the Healthcare IQ’s 2nd Annual Hospital Efficiency Asia 2011 Summit , Kuala Lumpur 16th – 17th November 2011.  The topic was Empowering Staff to Drive Efficiency and Innovation:

  • Implementing trainings to upgrade staff to utilise new technologies, processes and practices
  • Actively engaging staff in decision-making processes to improve sense of ownership and pride
  • Actively listening to staff feedback and suggestions and acting on them to increase staff satisfaction

Silver Healthcare Asia Singapore November 2011

Dr Lee Moon Keen was a panellist  at Silver Healthcare Asia 2011, 14-17 November 2011 Singapore, on the symposium How can Technology and Innovation Help to Reign in Ballooning Chronic Disease Management Costs?

  • Overview of evolving systems and practices in managing the rapidly escalating costs
    of chronic diseases
  • Technologies to monitor patients over continuous periods – from acute to outpatient/
    remote monitoring
  • Cost vs benefit of routine check up and doctor visits

She was the speaker for Malaysia at the Country Snapshot Presentations which dealt with the latest updates and initiatives in providing and funding Asia’s silver healthcare market followed by a discussion on progress as well as the gaps that need to be addressed.

– How are payers and providers collaborating to establish the best quality of affordable and sustainable healthcare?

– What are the upcoming public- private sector partnership opportunities?

– What is the partnerships scene between public and private stakeholders in your country?

The other speaker list:

China: Kai Wang, Advisor, Chinese Ministry of Public Health

Thailand: Dr Nipit Piravej, Chief Corporate Officer, Bangkok Chain Hospital, Thailand

Philippines:  Dr Mary Jean Villa-Real-Guno, President and CEO, Home Health Care, Philippines

Malaysia:  Dr Moon Keen Lee, Director, Alpha Specialist Centre, Malaysia

Hong Kong: Dr Bernard Kong, Consultant, Hospital Authority

APHM International Healthcare Conference 2011

Dr Robert Jalleh was Symposium Speaker at the APHM International Healthcare Conference, 6 – 8 July 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The topic was “Malaysian Healthcare Reforms: Potential Impact on the Private Sector – Good or Bad?”
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