2nd Annual Healthcare & Insurance Collaboration Forum, Singapore November 2011

Dr Robert Jalleh spoke on “Collaboration in the Emergence and Growth of Ambulatory Care Centres (ACC’s) in South East Asia” concerning ACC’s and healthcare insurance at the 2nd Annual Healthcare & Insurance Collaboration Forum 2011, Singapore 14-17 November 2011.

He chaired a forum on mutually supportive collaborations:

Insurance and Provider: Working Together In the Backdrop of Common Goals and Differing Perceptions – Developing a joint business platform for effective collaboration

Ashvanni Srivastava, Director, HealthHiway, India
Dr Helen Edelberg
, Director, American Federation for Aging Research, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Eurand Pharmaceuticals, USA
Lee Fook Kay Aaron
, Hononary Secretary, Hong Kong Medical Association


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